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The Wolf Mask Low Poly DIY Papercraft Experience


Wanna make an unforgettable impression with your costume ? With a few basic supplies that you may already have at home, you can be wearing this polygon mask in just a couple of hours !


Instantly download the printable pattern template PDF with detailed instructions (4 pages in A4 format).

This papercraft mask is designed to fit the average adult's head, including your glasses, and it also wears well as a hat. Print it on an 80 to 90% scale and it will be great for KIDS ! 

They are great for Halloween, New Year's, Fancy Dress parties, cosplay and any time you want to just get into a different head for a while ! You can personalise your mask with different colors and embellishments, and since this is a printable mask, you can make as many masks as you like with this pattern.

You will only need access to a printer, paper, scissors glue and a little string to create your own mask. We recommend to use thicker paper (210g-240g). Once the pattern is printed, follow the instructions to build your own mask.


How to start : 
- Download and print the template
- Read the instructions
- Cut out each part
- Score and fold along the lines
- Find edge and flap with the same number and glue them together
- Start with number 1 and continue.
- Attach the string to fit your head and enjoy !


We work with passion and an honest approach to our craft, carefully prototyping every shape. Eeach of our photographs shows the actual object made with our own hands. Our goal is to bring you - our customers - as much fun as possible.

All pictures and PDF templates are copyright to Pierre Ospina. Contact us if you want to use it for any other purpose than a personal or non-profit use. Thank you so much for understanding.


If you do not receive your PDFs with in 24 hours, please leave a message on our Etsy shop, including your order number with all questions.

Come again as we’re always adding new design items to our shop.

Have a nice day :)


Wolf Mask DIY Papercraft Template

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